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National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Coral Reef is part of the Reef Barrier known as “The Great Western Atlantic Ocean Coral Reef Belt”. Considered as the second biggest reef barrier of the world. This barrier section located in front of Puerto Morelos also extends to the north and adjoins with Isla Mujeres “Western Coast National Park”, Punta Cancun, and Punta Nizuc.

As part of the world’s second largest coral reef system, Puerto Morelos became protected in 1998, and today is tightly administered and monitored to ensure the health of the reef. Unlike other sections of the reef—which runs for 600 miles—the corals found off Puerto Morelos are relatively close to the shore.

Ojo de agua puerto morelos

The "ojo de agua"

On the main beach in Puerto Morelos, many people go to the «ojo de agua» to enjoy a lazing day on the beach or a nice deep in the cristal clear water of the Mexican Carribeans. From the beach, you can easily go snorkelling. There are a few corals where big fish hide and play around. You are not directly on the barrier reef but you can explore a section of one of the largest reef systems in the world at National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos, home to a vast variety of colorful coral and fish. If you get lucky, you will be able to see turtles, rays or sharks who venture close to the shore.

If you ask the locals, they will tell you about the ojo de agua, a hole you can reach from the beach where spring and salt water meet. It is quite challenging to find it but there is always someone to give you tips on how to find it. This is a contact of a local guy who can take you there for a few pesos.

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What to do in Puerto Morelos?

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